WyeSoft Desktop Console

Introduction and notes

WyeSoft Desktop Console v0.00 (alpha; freeware)
Copyright 2015 WyeSoft. All rights reserved.
Designed and created by Matthew A. Wood
Released 3 January 2015

WyeSoft Desktop Console is a narrow toolbar that sits on your desktop, usually docked to the top or bottom of the screen. Its function is basically a combination of a command prompt, a "Run" window and an address bar.

Combining commands and functions from MS-DOS and VBScript with some exclusive to WSDC, this toolbar makes a very quick and powerful tool for file management, as well as a lightning-fast way to launch files and web pages (remember command-based user interfaces work much faster than graphical ones, as long as you understand how to use them). When you enter a filename, after checking the current folder, WSDC checks its own Shortcuts folder and then your desktop before checking the usual Paths. This means you can launch a program simply by entering the name of a desktop shortcut, or you can place Desktop Console Batch files and Windows shortcuts with short names in WSDC's Shortcuts folder and then you only need to enter the given short name to load these programs.

WyeSoft Desktop Console also has network remote control functionality, allowing you to take control of computers running WSDC through a local area network or the internet. Other features of WSDC include task management (with the ability to close or forcibly terminate a window or program), the ability to calculate sums and formulae (using its VBScript functionality) and the ability to shut down / restart the computer with one simple command (particularly useful when controlling a computer remotely).

WyeSoft Desktop Console is completely free to download and use but, if you find it useful, please make a donation to WyeSoft, even if it's only a very small one.


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